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What do vets really do?
We’ve all seen ‘Super Vets’ and ‘Animal Hospital’ but is this really what it is like to be a vet?

Depending on their type and place of work, a vet will divide his/her time between several key activities:

Consultations - meeting the owner and animal(s) to find out what the problem is and decide on whether any further tests are needed before devising a treatment programme.

Ward rounds - a daily visit to check on the state and progress of each of the patients in their care, liaising with nursing staff and students.

Operations - unlike medical doctors, vets are qualified to conduct minor operations (e.g. castrations). You can also choose to specialise in an area like orthopaedics or zoo animals.

Administration - As with every job, there is always paperwork to be done. The type and extent of this will depend on your specific job e.g. if you decide to set up your own practice you will have to undertake a large amount of business administration.

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