How difficult is it?

“Uni is very different from A levels, the work is not a huge jump in terms of the difficulty but there is more of it. You have to be self motivated to do the work yourself, no one else is going to push you. The Gateway programme really helped me settle into the uni way of life” Ian Stafford, Gateway 2007

"Uni is harder than school but a lot more interesting so it’s not as hard to sit down and learn it. The teaching style is also very different, with lectures not being as interactive and doing directed learning and tutorials in small groups. I also find that a lot of people work together with friends whilst revising as a it’s always good to compare how you have interpreted particularly in areas of special interest . You are also expected to go out and find things out for yourself, partially in areas of interest. You also make the best friends of your life whilst you’re at uni and definitely have the best nights out!!" James Meredith, Gateway 2007.

Russell Kenton"National Diploma students do a lot more continuous assessment so the exams at vet school are a big culture shock. However you get to practice exam technique in the Gateway year and the pass/fail system gives you the incentive to revise. You also get loads of advice from uni staff." Russell Kenton, Gateway 2008.