UCAS forms

“It was slightly confusing because you know you had to get like a statement from your school or college and I went to mine and asked “can you write me a reference”, they were like “well what do you want us to put in it” and I was like “I don’t know, I thought you’d know”.  So we all had to keep ringing RVC to find out what you need to know.” Yessim Saylam, Gateway 2005

Sarah Jane Edwards“I think the application to Gateway is a lot more straightforward, it’s more targeted and a lot easier to write because I think there’s more hints about what maybe they’re looking for.  They ask you to talk about your experiences, and want you to talk about topical things.” Sarah-Jane Edwards, Gateway 2005


“There was a sort of crossover but I think having the extra Gateway statement really helps.  My UCAS form was quite broad and not focussed on veterinary because I was thinking of doing another degree and then applying to the RVC graduate and transfer scheme.” Carla Quinn, Gateway 2005