“The interview wasn't as scary as I made out in my head, all I would say is know what you got out of any work experience, know what you've written on your application form and also, be yourself” Ian Stafford, Gateway 2007

“I looked online and I read that RVC had like more than one person interviewing you so I’d expected about five people to be sat there and there were only two. I didn’t realise the questions would be like they were, I thought they were going to be much more vet-based, they were only to do with the statement I’d written specifically rather than generally. I read online and it said like ‘we will ask you about your experience of lambing’ and I was like ‘oh no, I haven’t done any lambing’ so I went on loads of lambing websites.  I was sat there before the interview reading up on lambing.” Yessim Saylam, Gateway 2005

“It was good that they basically picked out your statement and they asked you about that.” Zainab Patel, Gateway 2005

"As long as you act confident they aren't as bad as you think they are going to be! If you are right for the course then the interviewer will see it so there is nothing to worry about. My only advice is to learn some basic facts and try to steer the interview towards something that has interested you, to do with veterinary and that you want to talk about." James Meredith, Gateway 2007.