Money matters

“Finances so far have been ok, I've had no problems paying for accommodation, books, food etc as well as having money left over to go out and socialise. The bursary stopped me worrying about being able to afford being at uni in London”. Ian Stafford, Gateway 2007


Melissa Briggs

“Financially it hasn't been too difficult as long as you budget for the term and make sure you don't spend all your money in the beginning! Also definitely get your loan forms in on time each year as it just makes things more awkward if you leave them a bit late.” Melissa Briggs, Gateway 2007

“Well, I was kind of lucky because the amount of student loan I could get went up as I went into BVet Med and that kind of saved me but then it was a bit awkward this year … so I worked through Summer and Christmas. It is a bit depressing because you’re going to qualify with a ridiculous amount of debt and you’ll take a long time to pay it off - but you know it’s pretty much the same for everyone. You know that students get into debt and you know that at the beginning.” Yessim Saylan, Gateway 2005

“I think the reason why I’ve been okay is because I’ve been living at home. I any case, I don’t think finances will be a barrier to me getting to the end of the programme because I know there are a lot of funds that college offer and I have heard about all of them.” Carla Quinn, Gateway 2005


Colin Clark

“Debt is always scary, when you get that letter each year and it’s like - you don’t realise how much interest you have to pay and it goes up every year - it’s a shock” Colin Clark, Gateway 2005