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Veterinary medicine requires a mix of:

Specialist knowledge - for accurate diagnosis and treatment of patients. This is where you put all those years of study to good use.

Communication skills – the ability to communicate both sensitively and professionally with owners, pets (i.e. non-verbal communication) and all the different members of your clinical team. You will also need to be able to write professional letters and emails.

Physical strength and dexterity - for handling animals of all shapes and sizes safely and humanely and a more fine-tuned manual dexterity for performing surgical tasks such as suturing and biopsies.

A bright and eager mind - with a thirst for knowledge and a love of problem solving. It is highly unlikely that you will know the answers to all the problems you face in a single day; you may not even be able to find the answers in a book. This is where your ability to think on your feet and make difficult decisions really comes into its own.

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